RoboSense 3D lidars

Founded in 2014, RoboSense is a major player in new technologies, industrial collaborations, and mass production. RoboSense is revolutionizing the LiDAR world with their compact, inexpensive, ROS compatible, long-range (150m, 200m) and high accuracy LiDARs. Designed for autonomous driving applications, these laser rangefinders apply to autonomous cars, utility and logistics vehicles, robots, robotaxis, and robobus, but also surveillance or exploration mobile robots.

  • RS-Helios-16P: This Lidar is ideal for equipping mobile robots or autonomous vehicles. It offers a detection range of 150 meters and benefits from the most powerful automotive Ethernet technology in terms of data throughput.

  • RS-Helios-32-5515: This 32-channel Lidar offers a detection range of 150 meters and a 360-degree field of view. Specifically designed for autonomous navigation, it benefits from an IP67 protection rating that makes it waterproof and dustproof.

  • 3D RS-Ruby-Lite: This high-resolution Lidar is designed for autonomous driving applications and offers a detection range of 230 meters. It has 80 laser channels and benefits from an angular resolution between 0.1 and 0.4°.

  • RS-Ruby: This Lidar offers a detection range of 250 meters and is equipped with 128 laser channels. It is designed for use in autonomous vehicles and can operate at temperatures between -30°C and 60°C.

  • RS-Lidar-M1: This compact and lightweight Lidar offers a detection range of 200 meters for an angular resolution of 0.2 x 0.2°. Its integrated AI allows it to recognize and classify obstacles and can be used in industrial environments and for robotics research.

  • RS-BPearl: This 3D Lidar is equipped with a 360° field of view and can detect objects located less than 10 cm away. With a maximum range of 30 meters, this short-range Lidar will be useful in areas where eliminating blind spots represents an advantage.

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The RoboSense RS-Bpearl 3D laser range finder offers an extended field of view and effective blind spot detection for equipping robots and automated equipment without breaking the bank.

Delivery within 4-5 weeks

RS-Fusion-P3 from Robosense is a complete and advanced obstacle detection system. It integrates 2 sets of 16 beam LiDAR and 1 set of 32 beam LiDAR to develop your autonomous driving system.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

For researchers and teachers looking for an even more advanced solution than the RS-Fusion-P3 system, there is the RS-Fusion-P5 from Robosense. The very high-definition combination of one LIDAR RS-RUBY and four LIDAR RS-BPearl, to combine long and short-range detection.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

The RS-Lidar-M1 Laser Rangefinder is a high resolution sensor designed for equipping vehicles with autonomous navigation systems. It facilitates decision making by detecting, analyzing and classifying possible obstacles.

Delivery within 4-5 weeks

The future of autonomous vehicles is shaping up with Robosense's RS-Ruby 3D laser Rangefinder, a Lidar with impressive performance and effecient in all weathers.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

The Robosense RS-Cube is a perception algorithms unit for 3D laser rangefinders. Its task is to collect and analyze the data transmitted by your Robosense RS-Lidar-16 and RS-Lidar-32 rangefinders.

Delivery within 4-5 weeks

If you’re in need of a 3D laser range finder that’s highly reliable but more affordable than RoboSense’s flagship products, look no further. RS-Ruby has introduced a mid-range model, the RS-Ruby Lite, which will fully satisfy developers of solutions for unmanned vehicles.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

The new RS-Helios-32-5515 3D LiDAR laser range finder uses long-range detection and blind spot elimination to facilitate your robotic vehicle’s autonomous navigation.

Delivery within 4 weeks (on order)

RoboSense has now brought us a new series of LiDAR laser range finders: RS-Helios-16P. It is the lightest and most affordable model, while nonetheless offering high levels of performance, and with Ethernet connectivity too!!

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